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About Us

About Us

Iowa Title Guaranty Commercial Offers a full-service or à la carte menu:

  1. Lender and Owner Title Coverage
  2. Closing Services
  3. Escrow Services
  4. Construction Draws



Iowa Title Guaranty (ITG) offers customer-focused, title services for commercial projects of all sizes in Iowa.

Underwriting expertise is provided by ITG attorneys and professional staff with vast experience in Iowa's title process.  ITG Commercial provides lenders, investors and purchasers with the peace of mind that they are protected in the event of a title issue.

ITG Commercial's services can be used as a one-stop shop to obtain title coverage, hold earnest money in escrow, close a transaction, and provide disbursements during the construction process. Or each ITG Commercial service can be offered à la carte to fit the needs and budget of the customer. 

All of ITG Commercial's profits are re-invested back into Iowa through affordable housing programs.


Lender and Owner Title Coverage

ITG Commercial offers owner, investor and lender title coverage with maximum responsiveness, cost effective pricing and professional services.

One advantage of using ITG Commercial for your title needs is that their attorney's have a firm grasp on Iowa law and local title standards.  An attorney ensures that each customer obtains quick and informed responses to their questions and concerns.

Industry standard ALTA forms are used to provide the desired level of title coverage and each transaction is closely reviewed to eliminate the risk of future title losses. No transaction is too big or too small.  ITG handles a wide variety of commercial transactions, encompassing everything from a simple refinance to a multi-lender, new construction development. When title issues are discovered, ITG Commercial works diligently to find solutions.


Closing Services

ITG Commercial is unique in that each commercial real estate closing is handled by an attorney, which provides the added security and confidence that the transaction will be smooth and error free.

As a neutral third-party, ITG Commercial prepares a settlement statement for each closing that reflects the intentions of the seller, buyer, and lenders for payments and reimbursements to venders.  This removes the burden of ensuring mortgages and taxes are properly paid and documents are recorded timely.


Escrow Services

ITG Commercial provides reliable and safe escrow services for customers who need funds held or disbursed to contractors, subcontractors, vendors, sellers, and other parties within a commercial transaction.

ITG Commercial staff carefully tracks funds as they are received into an escrow account and ensures that funds are disbursed upon proper authority, all while safeguarding the risk of fraudulent transfers.


Construction Draws and Disbursements

Nothing slows a construction project or a closing like late payments to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. That's why the management of construction draws and disbursements should be entrusted to ITG Commercial who will ensure that interested parties get paid, that there are no unexpected mechanic liens and who will bring closure to the construction project.

During the construction loan disbursement process ITG Commercial coordinates funding with lenders, making sure all the necessary documents and approvals have been received.  Once the necessary documents (General Contractor sworn statement, lien waivers, payment schedules and title report) have been delivered and the necessary approvals are received, funds are disbursed according to the disbursement agreement.


Iowa Title Guaranty Commercial Brochure (PDF)





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